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Saturday, December 18, 2010 , Posted by WeddingCakeOrg at 4:53 AM
In most instances, you should decide on a wedding cake design first and then choose a wedding cake topper that goes with the design.

We did find cases where a bride received a wedding cake topper as an engagement or bridal shower gift. The bride then took the topper to a Baker/Designer to create a wedding cake design that took elements from the topper. This approach to designing a wedding cake is rare, although it is a very cool idea.

Here is a common rule-of-thumb; 90% of all wedding cake toppers will look fine with any wedding cake design.

Most of the time, it becomes a personal preference issue, not a design conflict.

Here’s another interesting side note to our research; we were astonished to find out the majority of brides choose fresh flowers for the top of their wedding cake because…it didn’t require any additional thinking about how to finish the wedding cake.

In essence, it didn’t require any additional shopping or time making another decision.

We found by the time many brides order their wedding cake they are so tired of making decisions about their wedding, they don’t want to spend a lot of time making a decision on their topper. So, they default to choosing fresh flowers.

However, if you want to standout from the crowd and not do what everybody else is doing, get a cake topper that fits your personality.

You’ll find tons of companies that sell all sorts of traditional bride and groom toppers to companies that make custom one-of-a-kind toppers. It all depends on your budget and sense of style. Monograms are very popular as well as contemporary couples and specialty toppers.

To help you locate companies that sell a wide diversity of wedding cake toppers, the research team at has put together a free resource listing for their 50 favorite wedding cake topper companies.

Wedding Cake Topper: Portions of this article are reprinted with permission from IGR Communications publisher of “How To Buy The Picture-Perfect Wedding Cake…GUARANTEED!”

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