How Bakers Price Their Wedding Cakes

Monday, September 24, 2012 , Posted by WeddingCakeOrg at 2:19 PM
In this post, I'll discuss two ways the majority of wedding cake bakers price their cakes.

Around 86% of designers price their bridal cakes by the slice, while 14% charge by time and material or what is described as total servings.

"Charging by the slice" is a easy way for you to comprehend pricing and it keeps it straightforward for the designer.

As an example, if you are undecided about buying a cake that serves 75, 100, or 150 servings at $5 per serving, you can quickly calculate prices of $375, $500, or $750.

If a wedding cake bakery charges by "Time and Material," the calculation of cost for the same three cakes of 75, 100, or 150 servings could be dramatically different.

A an example, the cake could start out at $5 per serving for 75 servings as in the first example, but at 100 servings the price drops to $4.50 per serving and at 150 servings, the price drops to $4 per servings.

Using time and material for a wedding cake for the same cake in the first example would be $600 instead of $750, a savings of $150.

A time and material baker drops their prices as the cake gets larger, due to the fact a 150 serving cake doesn't take two times as long to create as a 75 serving cake.

In essence, they feel you're getting a better deal by being more fair to you.

To put this example into perspective; a 75 serving bridal cake with a moderate amount of decoration may take 4 hours to create, while a 150 serving bridal cake with the same decoration may only increase the overtime time by 1-2 hours for a total of 5-6 hours...not 8 hours.

The bottom line: Whether they charge by the slice or time and material, it's still the final price that matters.

Go into a wedding cake consultation with a price range in mind and you'll be fine. You might even leave with a few extra dollars in your purse.

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